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外國人輕鬆學中文 Easy Chinese for foreigners


Established in 1994, DE Teaching Institute boasts a professional faculty with master’s and doctoral degrees in language-related fields. In addition to designing a dazzling spectrum of courses for TOEFL, TOEIC, GEPT, IELTS, GRE,GMAT and SAT, DE Teaching Institute also provides English courses in universities and major private corporations. DE aims to become the leading authority in providing efficacious courses for recognized English proficiency tests.

DE Teaching Institute aims to create an efficacious and congenial environment by sticking to high quality of English and Chinese teaching, including professional faculty of native speakers and non-native speakers, research and development of English and Chinese teaching material suitable for each level of students, and assistance in conquering the barriers in learning language. Those who attend classes at DE are able not only to pass the recognized English and Chinese proficiency tests in flying colors but also to communicate well with foreigners. At Dell, speaking English and Chinese is no longer a castle in the air but a sweet taste of triumph.

DE Teaching Institute is immensely considerate to tailor various English and Chinese courses for students in consideration of their time, budgets, and levels. Monthly mock exams can help DE's teachers take an overall grip of the students’ learning effects and long-standing teachers provide felicitous counseling for students who encounter language problems in work and schooling. As DE’s students strongly praise, DE’s endeavors and thoughtfulness can really be witnessed and perceived. It is, thus, an undisputed fact the DE Teaching Institute is widely recognized as the authority of English and Chinese teaching.