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GMAT測驗的全名為(Graduate Management Admission Test),是一項專門用於測試商學院申請學生能力的標準化考試,重點在於測試應試者在一般商務環境中的理解,分析和表達能力。原本是針對美國各商學院入學的審核而制訂的測驗,但今日包括歐洲與亞太地區在內國家,超過1,500所商學院,5,400種專業都要求申請人提供有效的GMAT成績,特別是對於MBA、金融碩士、會計碩士等學位的申請人。

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, which is a standardized exam to test the abilities of specifically business school applicants. It focuses on testing candidates’ understanding of common business environment, analytical skills and interpretation. Originally designed for admission to business schools in the U.S., GMAT is now widely recognized in Europe, and Asia Pacific. Over 1,500 business schools and 5,400 subjects require applicants to submit valid GMAT scores, especially those who apply for MBA, postgraduate Finance and Accounting courses.

The full scores of GMAT range from 200 to 800 and it is comprised of 4 major parts, namely analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and vocabulary. The exam lasts 3.5 hours but if break times are taken into account, the actual duration is approximately 4 hours. Candidates should spend 30 minutes on completing analytical writing, 30 minutes on 12 integrated reasoning questions, 75 minutes on qualitative questions and 75 minutes on 41 vocabulary questions.

部  分 時長 題數
分析性寫作 30 N/A
綜合推理 30 12
計量 75 37
詞彙 75 41
The Official Guide for GMAT Review,2017