【考托福高分技巧】TOEFL-iBT 托福閱讀考滿分秘訣-事實細節題 (Factual Detail Information) 解題示範

基本上,TOEFL iBT托福閱讀之事實細節 (Factual Detail Information) 題型,作答原則務必先審視題幹之敘述,搜索出關鍵字詞,原文定位,再進行訊息判斷。
以 TPO31 其中一篇閱讀篇章中的題目為例:

Geographic isolation also can proceed slowly, over great spans of time. We find evidence of such extended events in the fossil record, which affords glimpses into the breakup of formerly continuous environments. For example, during past ice ages, glaciers advanced down through North America and Europe and gradually cut off parts of populations from one another. When the glaciers retreated, the separated populations of plants and animals came into contact again. Some groups that had descended from the same parent population were no longer reproductively compatible— they had evolved into separate species. In other groups, however, genetic divergences had not proceeded so far, and the descendants could still interbreed— for them, reproductive isolation was not completed, and so speciation had not occurred.

1. According to this paragraph, separation of subpopulations by glaciers resulted in speciation in those groups of plants and animals that
(A) were reproductively isolated even after the glaciers disappeared
(B) had adjusted to the old conditions caused by the glaciers
(C) were able to survive being separated from their parent population
(D) had experienced some genetic divergences from their parent population

根據段落,由冰河所形成次級種群 (subpopulation)之分隔導致在動植物群落中之物種形成(speciation) 為何?
關鍵字詞--- glaciers / plants and animals speciation
原文定位--- 段落第三句出現 glaciers,整句句首for example概為前句之例證---
因此閱讀前一句訊息 the breakup of formerly continuous environments (冰河時期冰河造成環境之分隔);其次再定位 plants and animals。本段第四句訊息後續提及冰河消退時,那些分離之動植物再度接觸時,某些源自相同母種之物種再也無法繁殖出一致性物種(no longer reproductively compatible),因而進化發展出不同之物種。因而判讀答案選項A符合。

A. were reproductively isolated even after the glaciers disappeared
--- 即使冰河消失後該動植物會繁衍生出不同之物種.

compatible (相符的; 一致的) = consistent = concordant = concurrent = congruous = corresponding = correspondent .